We hope the Carolina Values Summit was thought-provoking, enlightening, and inspiring.  It is always challenging to hear stories of Christians who have been discriminated against and persecuted for simply integrating God’s principles into every area of their life and faithfully living out their beliefs.  After listening to the stories of our speakers in the Carolina Values Summit last night, our natural reaction should be to ask God “what can I do?  I cannot let my busy life crowd out acting on these great truths.”  Great truths require action!  We hope you are asking the same question—what can I do?

As a result of what you heard at our Summit, we are asking you to take a few actions TODAY by completing the survey and voter pledge on this page.  Don’t wait, because the longer you wait, the more likely you are to sit on what you learned without taking action.

What general feedback would you like to give about the Summit?

Provide comments on your experience of the summit, what you liked the most, what you would like to see in future summits, etc.